Our Centers

ُEstablishment of Lattakia center          

Autism Association in Lattakia

 NGO registered resolution 4 / 1596 of 24 / 8 / 2006. 

Our objectives:

1. Providing Educational,    healthy and social care for Children with Autism in coordinating   with the involved constitutes for merging them in the society.

2. Defining the disturbance of Autism and raising awareness campaigns, seminar, lectures and conferences specialized in cooperation with universities and the media.

3. Doing survey studies on autism in the city of Latakia.

 4. Detection and diagnosis of children with autism disorder.

5. The establishment of specialized centers to meet the diverse needs of children with autism disorder.

Training   families living with Autism and rehabilitate them and involve them in various programs.

6. Cooperation with other associations in all the Syrian governorates and the Arab associations as well.

Services provided by the General Association:


1. Detection and diagnosis of children with autistic disorder


. Design educational programs for each child in the center and work to implement these programs in coordinating with the family and detecting the development of all children through periodic scientific assessments.


   What does our center supply for children with autism?


 What are the services provided by our center to children?


 Autism Society in Lattakia provides services for children with autism and their families. Our qualified and well training staff deals with autistic children. Our   services include: early identification and assessment of autism. Special education services, including: the social sphere, the area of autonomy, cognitive domain, the domain before academic, daily living skills, play area. Purposeful support services include: the area of communication and pronunciation, the area of sport and sensory integration. We offer art education, computer area, (psychosocial services for families with children, services include family counseling. We share families in developing and planning educational programs for individual children). Music service will be soon at the center. Health and medical services for children are already provided by a doctor. Children in the Autism Center in Latakia get a lot of activities and outdoor visits are also provided regularly.


Autism Society also provides services to university students from various departments to help in   writing their scientific researches, graduation projects and seminars, in addition to welcoming students of the College of Nursing \ Tishreen University   \ the fourth- year students to train in the center for the entire semester, after the agreement between the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Board of Directors of Autism Society in Lattakia.

We also provide awareness services to the community through some seminars, courses and workshops for all segments of society.


   Specializations in the Center




Our center has the following specialization 

Administrative staff





Chairman of the Board  


Vice Chairman




Treasurer of the General Assembly


member of the Governing Council



Education staff includes:





Managing Director


Technical Director


Assistant Art Director


classroom teacher


classroom teacher assistant


Communication and uttering teacher


Sports teacher


Art Education teacher


Computer teacher


Music teacher


Family consular





Committees and other members:





Web site manager




Committee of diagnosis of Autism


Media Committee


Association's Friends


Establishment of Jableh center


Autism Center was founded in Jableh on the seventh month \ in 2008, where  the families of children with  Autism in Jableh met   the Board directors of the association and agreed to help parents set up a specialized center caring for children with autistism disturbance. The association will   train and qualify them in accordance with special educational programs. The agreement includes help training and qualifying staff, and granting administrative licenses needed to open the center by the authorities concerned. Training the staff   lasted from 26 \ 7 \ 2008 to 25 \ 9 \   2008 by technical Director of the Autism Association in  Latakia, Mr.  Shawki Ahmed Ghanem. The course included the following topics:

special education, autism, behavior modification, family counseling, individual education program, the practical side. The center was opened officially on Sunday, 12th  \ 10 \   2008, at 11 am. The center designed to accommodate 15 children with Autism.